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    Biker Custom MLO

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    Biker Custom MLO: Your Dream Biker Garage

    Transform your FiveM roleplay server into the ultimate biker garage with the Biker Custom MLO! This highly detailed and realistic model features everything you need to provide your players with the most immersive motorcycle customization experience possible.


    • Fully functional garage with lifts, tools, and parts
    • A wide variety of motorcycle customization options
    • Custom textures and lighting
    • Optimized for performance


    • Provide your players with a new and exciting roleplay opportunity
    • Increase server traffic and engagement
    • Create a more realistic and immersive world for your players

    Imagine this:

    Your players arrive at the Biker Custom MLO, a state-of-the-art motorcycle garage located in the industrial district of the city. They drive their motorcycles into the garage and get to work customizing them. They can change the wheels, tires, suspension, exhaust, paint job, and more.

    Once their motorcycles are customized to their liking, they can take them for a spin around the city and show off their hard work.

    The Biker Custom MLO is the perfect place for your players to live out their motorcycle customization dreams. It's also a great place for new players to start their FiveM journey.

    Order your Biker Custom MLO today and give your players the dream biker garage they've always wanted!

    The Biker Custom MLO can also be used to create a variety of other roleplay scenarios, such as a mechanic shop, a car dealership, or a hangout spot for motorcycle enthusiasts.

    Coords: vector3(48.14, 2782.31, 57.88)

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