FiveM QBCore Scripts: Enhance Your Roleplay Experience

FiveM QBCore scripts are a powerful tool for customizing your FiveM server and enhancing the roleplay experience for players. These scripts can add new features, mechanics, and jobs to your server, making it more diverse and engaging.

Here are some of the benefits of using FiveM QBCore scripts:

    • Increased player engagement: Scripts can add new activities and challenges for players to enjoy, keeping them hooked on your server.
    • Improved server economy: Scripts can create new jobs and businesses, allowing players to earn money and progress in the game.
    • More realistic gameplay: Scripts can simulate real-world systems and mechanics, making the roleplay experience more immersive.
  • Greater customization: Scripts allow you to tailor your server to your specific needs and preferences.

QBCore Scripts

Pet Shop and Pet Script [QB]


Scratch Lottey System [QB]


Announcement System [QB]


Car Rental V2 [QB]


Fuel System V2 [QB]


Weapon Shop [QB]


Apartment System [QB]


Spawn Selector V2 [QB]

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